The portfolio will include two projects that demonstrate commercial quality, creative effort. These may be CBT training programs, research simulations, website development, software products, or similar creative works. Proof of involvement in ID/Design/production evolution phases is recommended.

This portfolio was created using Google sites.  All of the elements were created in Photoshop.

Through my research, I have found that girls are very underrepresented when it comes to technology and engineering courses/careers.  In order to help facilitate an interest in STEM activities for girls, a STEAM camp will take place in July 2015.  The design process for developing this camp follows the instructional methods learned in 6230- Advanced Educational Production Design.
This course was designed in for middle school students during 6210- Interactive Multimedia Theory and Design.

Web Authoring (2014)
In CECS 5420, we created several web pages using HTML and CSS.

This book study was created after a course on instructional design in 5110- Multimedia/Technology Applications. 

2016 Cohort Testimonial Videos (2013)
As a cohort in 6210- Interactive Multimedia Theory and Design, all of us recorded video of what we felt like was important information for those coming into the Learning Technologies online PhD program at UNT.

Gaming in Education (2013)
This video was created for 6210- Multimedia Theory and Design

Knowledge Cornerstone (2012)
Keeping a blog (or 3) has always been part of my professional life.  I created this blog to ramble about going back to teaching and other random things I was learning along the way.  Writing for class consumed more of my time than I anticipated, so my blog posts are lacking.  The site however was created from scratch using Wordpress.  All design elements were created in Photoshop.

Professional Development works (pre UNT)
I developed some trainings prior to starting my PhD program.  These are early works, but not to be forgotten.