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Staff Development

One of the major "cheese movers" was to eliminate most handouts at training sessions.  Our department went to an online way of addressing issues and providing handouts by creating a blog.  Not only has it become a great resource for our staff in the district, but provides resources for others as well.  Check it out!  I am sure there is something that you will find useful!  http://icafe.lcisd.org/


Under the direction of our Executive Director of Curriculum, I was part of a team that created and launched a program called INTERACT (Integrating Technology Realistically Among Classroom Teachers).  To date, the program has put more than $1 million dollars worth of technology into teachers classrooms.  We will be embarking on our 3rd academy in the summer of 2010.  To read more about the program, click http://icafe.lcisd.org/presentations/interact-tcea-2010.

T3 Retreat
In an effort to bring more technology staff development to the district, T3 was formed.  It is a 2-day workshop open to any LCISD staff member.  Sessions start each hour and participants are able to choose what sessions they want to attend.  For more information, please visit: http://t3retreat.wikispaces.com/